Agenda as Secretary of State

• Every citizen who can legally vote can easily vote
• People who legally cannot vote do not vote
• Implement a trustworthy voter id system
• Establish routine independent audits 

Compared with accuracy and transparency requirements for engineering, banking, and healthcare, our elections have been completely substandard. We deserve and will build an election system that earns our trust. This means bold changes, not little baby steps!

Servant of the People

Like serving on jury duty, I will…
• serve our people, not special interest groups
• take responsibility for the problems we now face
• deliver what I promise and nothing less
• then return to private life when my work is done
…and never make excuses. 

Four decades of free-market, private-sector experience and professional qualifications

• Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Financial Tech, and Online Services
• Health Care, Manufacturing, Missile Defense, Software Development and Information Security
• Professional consulting, audit, and leadership background.
• Long track record bringing costs down and increasing accountability.
• Education, training, certification needed to bring the changes we need to Olympia.

Saving money, increasing profits, and improving services and quality of life

• United Heath Group, Kaiser, MultiCare, Apple Health
• Microsoft, Ernst-Young, Nike, Altria Group

Government accountability and transparency

• U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
• U.S. Departments of Commerce and Veterans Affairs
• U.S. Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency

Long-standing real Republican, solid history of party involvement

• Appointed PCO in Granite Falls in 2017.
• Publicly elected in 2018 with 86% of the vote.
• Elected in both 2018 and 2020 as Snohomish County District 39 Republican chairman.
• Appointed to lead Election Integrity efforts in Snohomish County in 2021.
• Roots firmly planted with President Reagan’s re-election in 1984.
• Renewed with Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America in 1994.
• Never a Democrat or Socialist supporter of any kind, at any time, not ever.
• Never worked against Republicans, our core values, or platform.
• Not a politician seeking career advancement to higher office.
• Not a new convert seeking a top statewide executive position.

Your Support and Donations are Needed

We currently are calling land lines and cell phones, engaging in text conversations, and directly mailing and meeting with people throughout Washington. Our campaign effort is extremely frugal, a pattern for government to follow, but still needs financial and volunteer support. We commit to using your precious time and generous donations wisely and effectively so our whole team wins this year.

Please donate to our effort and help us work with the people to stop the big government dictators and go along to get along fake conservatives!

No more excuses for failure or falling short!

It’s time we send a strong advocate and voice of the people to Olympia who has a record of actually getting things done.

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